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Whole Path Counseling

by Melissa Tomecek, LPC

Therapy Sessions

The Theraputic Journey
Welcome! Seeking a therapist is the first step to begin your journey. It can often feel intimidating or daunting. Therapy is often utilized to treat depressive/anxious symptoms or just to feel better overall. The process overall can vary between person to person. The process is unique to both the therapist and client.  Making the first step to reach out to a therapist if the first step to embrace change and heal wounds. 

My Ideal Client
Seeking a therapist makes you an ideal client. It shows an interest and commitment to better yourself overall. The relationship between client and  therapist is the most crucial to making the therapeutic process helpful. With my experience, I have seen the most change with clients that are wanting to make a change, learn about themselves, and are committed to the journey. 

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